Sport Microfibre Cooling Towel

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Are you feeling too hot during exercise? What ever your reason this ice cooling towel is perfect for you. Made from a special blend of breathable microfibres that instantly cools when wet. Apply the towel to the hottest parts of your body and you will be amazed the instant relief you feel from your body temperature dropping.

If you're serious about exercising outdoors or in the gym you will know how frustrating it is to carry large bulky towels that abrade your skin, often leaving you itchy and sore after an intense workout. Cool towel doesn't do this because of the high quality construction of the fibres, It feels soft and smooth to touch while the micro holes soak up any excess sweat.

* Just add water, instant cool rapid cooling using cold coolcore sensing technology, for outdoors - Golf, cycling, outdoor sports and other physical cooling. 

* Light weight, chemical-free, physical cooling, non-polluting.

* Reusable, can be hand washed or washing machine.